Mahfoud is hands down the greatest tutor I have ever had! Biochemistry can be an intimidating subject, but Mahfoud made it extremely enjoyable for my friends and I. Throughout our group sessions he would stop to make sure that we had a good grasp on the material before moving on. If any of us had an urgent question to ask, then we would shoot him a quick text message and he would always get back to us with a thorough explanation. He genuinely cares that his clients get the best service possible. His enthusiasm for the material makes it very easy for him to explain the topic at hand. I was able to take the knowledge that I gained and apply it to future college courses without any trouble. Not only is he helpful in person, but also his YouTube videos are great for a quick review! After using Moof University’s services I told all my friends about Mahfoud and every one of them has been just as pleased!
— Manraj B.
I have received tutoring from Mahfoud in the following subjects: General Chemistry, Calculus, Physics and Organic Chemistry. I heard about Mahfoud from a number of friends and classmates that were extremely satisfied with his tutoring. The reason I sought out Mahfoud’s one on one tutoring was so that I could enhance my understanding of the subjects and overall grade in each course. Mahfoud extensively prepares for each session in advance and is very professional in his preparation. The price is very fair given Mahfoud’s experience and effectiveness. I would strongly recommend Mahfoud to anyone who is looking to improve his or her academic performance.
— Tony A.
After attending my first biochemistry lecture, it became evident that this course was going to be very demanding and challenging. I had heard about Mahfoud’s tutoring services through a friend and decided to give it a try (along with a group of friends) due to all the positive experiences I had heard through other students. Mahfoud was punctual in attending all study sessions, knowledgeable in all aspects of the subject, patient in helping me understand the material thoroughly and answering all my ridiculous hypothetical questions. His motivating and positive attitude made for an incredible learning environment, where students were comfortable in expressing uncertainties in some concepts. After reviewing countless homework, quiz, and test questions during our study sessions, I found myself walking into exams with an immense amount of confidence which was a delightful change from the usual anxiety. After completing the course, I was extremely satisfied with my overall grade and would undoubtedly choose Mahfoud as a tutor all over again. Not only did he help me attack a daunting subject with confidence, but Mahfoud also encouraged me to critically think in ways I would I have never thought imaginable. I repeatedly recommend his services to my peers because it is one of the greatest decisions I have made in academic undergraduate experience and my only regret is that I did not seek his help sooner.
— Michelle G.
Mahfoud tutored me in College Level Biochemistry, during my junior year. I found Mahfoud to be very professional and helpful towards making sure that I truly understood the material. As opposed to other tutors, Mahfoud is able to create analogies that aid to developing a more concrete understanding, in addition, to simply breaking down the information. In my opinion, Mahfoud processes the skills that can work with any age level, and the knowledge and professionalism necessary to allow full understanding, despite the complexity of the subject. As a tutor, Mahfoud is prompt, and demonstrates preparedness, which allowed me as a student to have more confidence in him. For the price, I feel that Mahfoud’s tutoring was beyond a great investment and I was more than pleased with my grade and how much more I enjoyed the course! I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Mahfoud for tutoring, he is excellent to work with but more importantly assesses your weaknesses/confusion and focuses on those to further help you! Trust me you will not regret it!
— Lisa U.
Mahfoud tutored me in organic chemistry. I heard from a friend the Mahfoud was a great tutor and that he would really be able to help me out if I didn’t understand something. My friend was 100% correct when referring me to Mahfoud. I was able to pass my Organic Chemistry test with an A, due his extensive tutoring skills. Mahfoud is incredibly personable and does not come off as a know it all. Some tutors I have worked with before come off very overbearing and annoyed at trying to convey material. When in a tutoring session with Mahfoud he is extremely great at conveying the message/ understanding of the topic in the way the student learns. He is malleable in being able to adjust to the type of learning the student needs. He is also very professional. I have 100% satisfaction with Mahfoud tutoring capabilities. The price is affordable for even a “starving” college student. It is money BEST invested into education and learning. I will definitely be choosing Mahfoud for future classes and refer him to anyone I know struggling with educational concepts. Thank You Mahfoud. I really appreciate the effort you put into our tutoring session, and being such a great educator.
— Mary Ann H.
The best way I can describe Moof’s tutoring sessions is like holding your breath underwater. Biochemistry 100 was so dense in material that it felt like you were drowning in information. But then after a few of Moof’s tutoring sessions, it felt like I had a breath of fresh air. I could finally understand what was happening. Memorizing information is one thing, but how Moof teaches, he approaches the material in a way which you actually understand, and it helps you retain all the material. He gives a lot of supplemental material, answers specific problems, and tailors each study session to be as efficient as possible. The best way I recommend to fully utilize Moof’s tutoring session is to study the material beforehand and to come up with questions beforehand. Coupled with Moof’s help and hard work, I managed to survive Biochemistry 100.
— Richard L.
Having Mahfoud as my tutor was probably the smartest decision I made in college. In Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry I was a lost cause. Mahfoud did not just throw information at me and say “remember this.” He studied what I was learning in class and came up with colorful schemes to guide me through everything so I could actually understand it. His technique of adjusting to every student’s education needs is brilliant and professors should definitely get a lesson from him on how to teach. With every question asked, either with group tutoring, personal tutoring, email, or even through text message he was extremely patient and thorough in answering them, which made my learning environment very comfortable and non-intimidating. Mahfoud’s tutoring went beyond my expectations and helped me develop and improve my own study habits. I still use his learning techniques and I will be forever grateful for the skills I obtained from his tutoring. His education services are so convenient with his YouTube channel and online tutoring. I am soooooo glad I invested into his sessions and I am proud to be enrolled in Moof University. (lol) Thank you Mahfoud for being such a great educator! Anyone who hires Mahfoud will be EXTREMELY satisfied!
— Ceanne B.